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NOTE: The limited edition "UNION" beat package is only available until midnight the eve of Sunday, February 16th. Copies are limited so we might sell out a lot sooner.
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ONE TIME OFFER: For $79 one-time you can upgrade to Unlimited Commercial Rights including Unlimited Distribution and Sync Video Monetization for every beat ($25,610 value).


For Rappers, Artists, DJs & Creators:
Do You Want To Get 100 New & Unreleased Beats With Commercial Rights... For 99% OFF?
If you want to get all our newest and unreleased beats with commercial rights for a fraction of what they cost, this special limited time offer is for you. 
From the Desk of:
Anno Domini
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Friend,

"UNION" is here!

This is the first ever beat package that I've co-created with our entire Anno Domini artist family.

It contains over 6 gigabytes of new & unreleased beats my multi-platinum team and I have produced.

If I'd sell all those beats for their market value... it would cost $3,510.

But today, you can get them basically for free.
Here's The Deal:
All the beats come in high quality MP3 and WAV format.

They're 100% tag-free.

They're ready to be downloaded and used instantly.

And they sound FIRE! Don't believe me? Listen to the demo at the top of this page...
None of the beats have been included in prior beat packages... and all of them are either new releases or completely unreleased...

Once I upload them to our beat store they'll sell for $27... EACH!

But as a way of saying "thank you" for being a part of our artist community... you can get ALL 100 beats for just the price of one single beat lease.

How's that for a Beat Package deal?!

And the best part:

You have the right to use all of the beats commercially.
Exactly What You're Getting
I've uploaded all the beats for you to our download server.

They're neatly arranged in a beat package for you so all you have to do is download them.
  • All beats come with commercial rights: You'll receive a PDF license agreement signed by me personally that states you're allowed to use the beats commercially
  • You get 6 gigabytes of beats: There are one hundred beats in in the package and you'll literally have more beats on your hard drive than you'll know what to do with
  • Industry quality: All beats come in high-quality MP3 and WAV format and are ready to be used immediately
  • 100% tag-free: All vocal tags and sound protections have been removed from the beats and they're completely clean
NOTE: The limited edition "UNION" beat package is only available until midnight, the eve of Sunday, 16th of February. Copies are limited so we might sell out a lot sooner.
You're right!

That's a crazy amount of beats you're getting almost for free.

But if the 99.9% discount isn't enough to have you heading to the order form and getting the beats then this FREE bonus worth $810 will surely do the trick...

As A Special Limited Time Deal I'm Also Giving You 30 Additional Beats Worth $810 As A FREE Bonus
That's right.

Additionally to all the 100 beats you're getting as part of the limited edition "UNION" beat package... I'm also giving you 30 "secret" beats that you can't get anywhere else.

You can't get these beats in our beat store.

And these beats haven't been included in any other beat package I've released.

They're 100% exclusive.

You receive full rights to all 30 beats and they all come in high-quality MP3 and WAV format just like all the other beats.

When you get your copy of "UNION" today I'll add them to your order for free.

Here's What To Do Next:
To get the beats, all you have to do is click on the button below. 

You'll be asked to fill out a short form with your email address so I know where to send you the download link for your beats. 

And you'll be asked to send over the small fee of $29.

You can do that using PayPal.

Or debit or credit card.
Here's What Happens After That:
As soon as you've ordered your beats, you'll get an email with your download link for the limited edition "UNION" beat package and the secret bonus beats.

And that’s where the fun really starts.

You can immediately download 100 beats.

Plus you'll want to listen to the 30 SECRET bonus beats I've included for you.

(Trust me, you'll love them...)

The bottom line is:

You’ll have more beats that you’ll know what to do with, with albums upon albums of content!

And you’ll receive a commercial license agreement along with every single beat.

So you could go and lease 1 single beat from our website or some other producer's website... Or:

You can get 130 beats for the price of 1 from our multi-platinum team this week only!

I’m running this special promotion as a thank you to our artist community.

And hands down this is the craziest deal I (or any other producer) has ever done.

You won't see another one like it.

Once the countdown timer on this page hits 00:00:00, or as soon as we're sold out, you won’t be able to get this beat package anymore.

Also keep in mind that you can't get the 30 "secret" bonus beats anywhere else.

Pease understand this is a genuinely rare opportunity.

Since this is a limited edition beat package, copies will be granted on a first-come, first served basis.

Once they're gone...

They're gone for good.

Now go get those beats, record some fire tracks and send them my way I'd love to hear them!

You won’t regret it, I promise. - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy