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For Rappers, Artists, DJs & Creators:
This is the closest thing to "ethically pirating" my entire hard drive filled with $5,508 worth of beats...
Let me get straight to it.

I'm dropping my biggest beat package yet.

It contains 12 gigabytes of the very best beats my multi-platinum team and I have produced all-time.

If I'd sell my hard drive with all those beats for its market value would cost $5,508.

But today, you can get them almost for free.
Here's The Deal:
If you promise me not to resell the beats or record crappy songs on them ...I'll give you my hard drive containing all the 12 gigabytes of beats for just ...$29.

This is the closest thing to "ethically pirating" my entire hard drive filled with $5,508 worth of beats for free.

But you'll actually have the right to use all of the beats commercially.

And you'll get a contract, personally signed by me that states you are allowed to do pretty much whatever you want with the beats.
Honestly, I don't care.

As long as you don't resell the beats or do anything weird with them you're good to go.

And the beats are SUPER. DOPE.
Here's Exactly
What You're Getting
Obviously I won't send you my whole hard drive.

It's heavy as f*ck. 😂

And why wait for a clunky hard drive to be shipped if you can download the beats today?

I've uploaded all the beats to the cloud.

They're all neatly arranged and ready for you to download today.
And as I said, you get a commercial license agreement for every single beat in the 12 gigabyte beat package ...personally signed by me.

All the beats come in high-quality MP3 and WAV format.

And any vocal tags and sound protections have been removed.

This means all the beats are industry-quality, professionally pre-mixed and pre-mastered and ready to be used for recording in your home studio or for any other creative projects.

This is the very best content by me and my multi-platinum team.

The same quality of beats we've sent out for placements with major artists like 50 cent, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Wu-Tang Clan, Tech N9ne, and many more.

And in case you're wondering:

There are hundreds of beats in the package and I haven't somehow "tampered" with the beat package.

The value of this thing is insane...

If you're wondering why I'm doing this:

I simply want to put my best foot forward, so that you can hear the quality my team and I can deliver to you ...and we can continue to work together and do big things in the future! 💯
The 12 Gigabyte
Complete Collection
(Value: $5,508)
  • All beats come with commercial rights: You'll receive a PDF license agreement signed by me personally that states you're allowed to use the beats commercially
  • You get 12 gigabytes of beats: There are hundreds of beats in in the package and you'll literally have more beats on your hard drive than you'll know what to do with
  • Industry quality: All beats come in high-quality MP3 and WAV format and are ready to be used immediately
  • 100% tag-free: All vocal tags and sound protections have been removed from the beats and they're completely clean
Here's What To
Do Next:
To get the beats, all you have to do is click on the button below. 👇

You'll be asked to fill out a short form with your email address so I know where to send you the download link for your beats. 

And you'll be asked to send over the small fee of $29.

You can do that using PayPal.

Or debit or credit card.

There's even an option to pay with PayPal credit with $0 down.
Here's What Happens After That:
As soon as you've ordered your beats, you'll get an email with your download link for the 12 gigabyte beat package.

And that’s where the fun really starts.

You can immediately download hundreds of beats.

Honestly, you’ll have more beats that you’ll know what to do with. 😄 

I'm talking about albums, upon albums of material, in various genres, styles and BPM.

And you’ll receive a commercial license agreement, personally signed by me, along with every beat.

That means you can legally monetize your music through physical sales, digital downloads, streaming and more.

I’m running this special promotion for a very limited time only.

Pease understand this is a genuinely rare opportunity.

Once the countdown timer on this page hits 00:00:00, you won’t be able to get these beats anymore. ⏳

If you’d like to take advantage of this special offer, click on the button below, and get instant access to 12 gigabytes of beats with commercial rights.

You won’t regret it, I promise. 
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